Please contact us through the link below for information about volunteering.

Keith Bousquet, our President, will respond to your email shortly, so please include your phone number and email address.

The Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club, nestled in the charming town of Wentworth, New Hampshire (NH 03282), is a vibrant community organization dedicated to the preservation, maintenance, and enjoyment of snowmobiling trails in the region. This dedicated club, which prides itself on its close-knit group of members, is known for its strong sense of community and their unwavering commitment to creating and maintaining top-notch snowmobiling trails throughout the year.

Volunteering is at the heart of the Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club’s success. This devoted group of snowmobiling enthusiasts recognizes that maintaining the trails, bridges, and facilities is a collective effort, and they eagerly devote their time and resources to ensure that the trails are safe and enjoyable for all riders. The volunteer work extends to several key areas:

    Trail Maintenance

    One of the most significant contributions the Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club makes to the community is the diligent upkeep of the extensive trail network through removing obstacles, repair damage caused by weather, winter grooming, and meticulously marking trails for safety and navigation.

    Bridge Construction and Repair

    The club understands the importance of safe river crossings. As such, volunteers actively engage in constructing and repairing bridges along the snowmobiling routes.

    Club House Maintenance

    The Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club maintains a clubhouse that serves as a central hub for members and visitors by providing general upkeep, organizing club events and meetings..

    Grumps Grill

    Grumps Grill, often located within the clubhouse, is a place where members can refuel, enjoy a warm meal, and socialize. Volunteers help run the grill, ensuring that it provides a cozy atmosphere for club members to relax after a thrilling day on the trails