Snowmobile safety is paramount to an enjoyable trip. The NHSA and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department strongly recommend that all riders participate in a snowmobile safety education class.

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Baker River Valley Snowmobile Clubhouse – New Hampshire Fish & Game in-person safety course – 2024 dates to be announced – please pre-register through the information in the link above.

  • Yield the to non-motorized users.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum especially around residential areas.
  • When approaching an oncoming horseback rider or musher, pull off to the right, stop your vehicle and let the horse or musher pass.
  • When passing a horseback rider or musher, alert the rider to your presence by calmly calling out that you wish to pass. The horseback rider or musher should pull the horse or dogs over. If the rider has the horse under control, proceed on. If not, allow the rider to move the horse or dogs to a safe spot on the trail and then proceed.
  • Park your snowmobile and walk to sensitive, historic, scenic, and cultural areas.